This is a nation settled by people fleeing religious persecution. The framers of the Constitution deemed religious intolerance so important that they made it part of the very First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Thus, no governmental employees, state or local, shall discriminate against or in favor of any one religion.

Federal law, as well as the laws of many states, including New Jersey and New York, prohibit religious discrimination and harassment at the workplace and other areas.  While there may be limited circumstances in which an employer may limit the practicing of your religious belief at the workplace, it is clear that no discrimination whatsoever is permitted based on religious belief. Thus, if an employer is accommodating one employee’s religion at the workplace, all other employees’ religious must equally be accommodated. For instance, if a Jewish employer is allowed to leave early for prayers, a Muslim employer, if requested, must also be similarly accommodated, and vice versa. In addition,  harassment based on one’s religious belief is also illegal.  Thus, name calling, verbal insults, etc., are strictly prohibited if they are offensive and are deemed severe enough to alter your working conditions. If the name calling and insults are taken lightly by the employer, generally that will not amount to actionable discrimination.

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